Craft, Sustainable, Non GMO 


Cultured Oysters

Wild oyster populations have been diminishing over the past hundreds of years sitting close to a record low. Oysters play a huge role in cleaning the environment naturally and must be rehabilitated. Culturing an oyster means simply this: two to three times a year, a hatchery scientist will wander out into the local marsh and pick adult oysters to induce into producing oyster seed in a closed environment. An oyster growing on the wild reef in the marsh has a 1 in 10,000 chance of making it to market size in its natural environment. By picking the best local specimen to use in the lab, constantly pumping local seawater water into a facility, and monitoring the various properties of seawater, the hatchery scientist gives the same oysters that would be produced in the neighboring marsh in the wild a much higher probability of making it to market size. Once the seed is large enough, around 4mm, to leave the hatchery it is taken and planted either suspend in the water or just off the bottom, where it is monitored and grown to market size.


Our Mission

To raise and serve an oyster that embodies the taste of North Carolina, while maintaining a positive impact on the environment . 


Our method

We use the French Trellis system of growing oysters. Our oysters hang in a long line relying on the tides to get a tumble. Evenly spaced, our oysters are able to grow at great rates while receiving enough nutrients from their environment they need to thrive. We love the organization this method provides and the structural security to safe house our oysters from environmental impacts of living in N Sea.


North Carolina is poised to be the Napa Valley of Oysters
— Rowan Jacobsen, author of A Geography of Oysters